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The Ford Focus Hatchback is the top-selling hatchback car in the U.S. The Focus is available in four models: the 2.6L EcoBoost, the 3.7L EcoDiesel, the EcoBoost Turbo, and the EcoDynamo.

The 3.8L EcoHybrid also makes its debut, though the Ford EcoHybrids are not as powerful as the 3,7L models.

All three models come with a power-to-weight ratio of 14.5:1, which is quite high for a hatchback.

The Ford Focus is a relatively new model, so Ford has spent years tweaking the exterior design of the car.

There are a few changes to the exterior that make it different from the other hatchbacks, and it is one of the better looking cars in the lineup.

It is very similar to the Fiesta ST, the only hatchback that has a turbocharged engine.

The car is also one of only two Ford Focus to come with the optional front bumper.

The optional bumper is a very attractive feature that is not offered on other hatchback models.

The bumper is very comfortable to ride and is much easier to maintain than the optional rear bumper.

The Focus is also offered with the same 8-speed automatic transmission that the Fiesta and the Fiesta Sport have, though it does not come with an automatic transmission.

The Fiesta ST does come with manual transmission options.

Ford also offers a 6-speed manual transmission for the Focus.

The new Focus has the most advanced interior design of any Ford vehicle in the US, but the styling of the cabin is not as refined as the exterior.

The front seats are made from leather, with a leather upholstery and two-tone stitching.

There is also a headliner with “FAST” printed in big letters.

There was also a leather-trimmed steering wheel, as opposed to the standard plastic-trims on other Ford models.

The front seats fold down to allow for room for the passengers.

The seats are well cushioned, and there is a full width rear seatback.

The rear seats fold up to the rear for easier storage and storage for the driver and passenger.

The rear seats are very spacious.

The standard rear seats offer a total of 15.5 inches of usable legroom, and two extra inches of legroom for the backseat passengers.

The standard headliner and door trim are the same as on other Focus hatchbacks.

There were no exterior changes, and Ford added a new spoiler on the roof, which will reduce the wind noise and improve the interior quality.

There also was a leather seatbelt system, which prevents drivers from hitting the gas pedal or pushing on the gas pedals.

The car comes with a 9.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, though Ford doesn’t offer a rear-view camera.

Ford offers a rear view camera for the EcoHy and the Turbo models, but does not offer a driver-assist feature.

The Ford GT will be offered with a rear camera.

Ford’s infotronic system is also an improvement over the Focus’s infocomm system.

The new Focus is fitted with a touchscreen display that can be used to control most aspects of the vehicle, including the audio system, the power steering, and even the climate control.

The Fiesta ST has a touchscreen infocom, but it does have a separate infotom for the passenger seat, which does not have the driver-assisted feature.

There has also been a rearview camera for drivers.

The hatchback is also equipped with a 6.2-inch touch-screen display for the instrument cluster, though that is limited to the driver seat.

There have also been no exterior or interior changes.

The interior of the Focus is quite clean.

The instrument cluster and center console are all leather-wrapped, and they are easy to maintain.

There’s also a steering wheel that has an easy-to read “S” design, which denotes that the steering wheel can be turned with a small push of the left foot pedal.

The steering wheel is also mounted at a 45-degree angle, which reduces the amount of travel needed to make a left turn.

The headliner has a large “F” printed on it, along with a large amount of “F.”

The interior is not very comfortable, though.

The only areas that are comfortable are the front seats and the steering column.

The dash is made from aluminum, but there are no exterior options.

The center console has a cloth-covered dash and an instrument cluster with a number of different gauges, such as temperature, brake, and powertrain information.

The dashboard also has a touch-sensitive dial on the center console.

The driver-side sunroof has a “S.”

The driver and front passenger seats are both located on the driver’s side of the dash.

The infotronics on the Focus are quite good.

There may be