Honda to unveil new V-10 engine – Reuters

By Kim Kyung-hunA new Honda V-8 engine, dubbed the V-12, is set to be introduced next year, a senior Japanese government official said on Friday.

The official said the engine will replace the existing V-6 and will make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, which begins on April 9.

“We are preparing for the introduction of the V12 in Japan,” Honda spokesman Tomohiro Sakaguchi told reporters.

The Honda engine will be powered by a new, more advanced turbocharger that combines a high-speed compressor and a high pressure air system, Sakagaki said.

The new turbochargers will make up for the lack of turbochargors for some years.

Honda has used turbochargering in its cars since 2006, but the engines are designed to be driven by a human rather than by computers.