How to drive your Tesla: The ‘real’ way

By Robert J. Ransom, Bloomberg BusinessweekThis week, we’re sharing the best ways to drive an electric vehicle, whether it’s a plug-in hybrid or a conventional electric car.

Here’s how to get the most out of your electric vehicle.


Plug-in hybrids: Make sure you choose a good battery, which can be hard to find in many cities.

Battery manufacturers are charging a premium for battery-powered vehicles, with Tesla Motors Inc. and Toyota Motor Corp. being two of the highest-earning brands.

(Tesla, which also makes its own batteries, is owned by Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor Co.)

If you don’t have the money to buy a new car, consider buying a used car for about $20,000.

You can also look at hybrid cars that use electric motors, like the Chevy Volt, Tesla’s plug-ins-plus-electric drivetrains, which are more efficient and can travel longer distances than gasoline-powered models.

Some plug–in cars can be as cheap as $8,000 or more.

The Chevy Volt.

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Electric vehicles: There are three types of electric vehicles: plug-to-grid, plug-plus, and plug-all.

The most popular are electric buses, electric trucks, and electric bikes.

Some electric vehicles can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in a few seconds.

For most of us, though, you’ll want a gas-powered vehicle.

You could go to an electric dealer and buy an electric car, but you’ll probably pay more for the service than you would with a gas car.

Electric buses.

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Gas-powered cars: The only way to get a plug from the ground is to buy one from a gas station.

The best electric cars come with a hybrid version of the engine, called a “hybrid electric vehicle,” or “HEV.”

Plug-ins for plug-midsize cars are the cheapest.

But many plug-hybrid models come with hybrid or plug-electric engines.

The average price of an electric hybrid or electric truck is about $30,000, and the average price for an electric motorcycle is about nearly $15,000—the cheapest electric motorcycles in the United States are about $1,200.

The price of a plug is about the same for electric vehicles, but the hybrid version will last longer, as you’ll be using less gasoline to run it.

Gas motorcycles. Bloomberg