How to spot a BMW 325i in your garage

By Steve H. Miller, USA TODAY Sports If you’re a newbie to the world of BMWs, you’ll soon find yourself in the thick of things.BMW has been known to change its appearance over the years, but its been doing it a little bit differently.BMWs exterior styling has always been based on the exterior design of the car.

It doesn’t matter what the engine is or what the size of the battery is.

Its the exterior that counts.

That’s why you’ll find some of the cars in BMW’s lineup with a little something extra on the outside.BMw has introduced a few exterior styles over the past few years, and the last one that has been the most prominent is the BMW 330i.

The 330i has been around since the early 1980s, but the last time we had one was with the 320i.

It was released in 2000, and is still available today.

We’ve written about BMW’s exterior styling before, and we’ve also covered the 320is and the 330i quite a bit.

The 328i and 330i, however, are new BMW models, so we thought we’d start our article by talking about them.

So what are they?

The 328is and 330is are the new 330is and 328is.

The BMWs interior has also been updated.

It features a completely new, and much more spacious, dash.

The front seats have been swapped out with bigger ones and a much more ergonomic one.

The rear seats have also been changed to make room for more room for passengers.

The interior of the BMWs 330i and 328i have also received a facelift.

The dashboard and instrument panel are completely redesigned.

The dash is now completely integrated into the front fascia and the steering wheel is now placed lower on the dash and has a very comfortable feel.

The seats have both been moved forward, to make space for more passengers.

The instrument cluster has also changed.

There is now a separate instrument cluster with a button for audio and navigation.

The steering wheel now has a more traditional analog wheel, instead of the digital wheel found in the previous 330is.

The exterior of the new BMWs 328is is also different.

Instead of the traditional “BMW” and “Drive” logo, BMWs logo has been replaced by the number “B.”

The number “2” has also now been replaced with the number of the current model.

The number of “8” has been removed, as it is now used in the name of the brand.

In addition to the exterior, the new 328is also includes a more aggressive design.

The grille, headlights, taillights, tailer, and headlights are all completely redesigned and the new grill is now longer.

The tail lamps have also gone from black to a new color, and BMWs new LED headlights have been introduced.

In the new car, the seats have had a faceless design and have been replaced entirely with a new, more comfortable seat.

The driver’s seat has been relocated from the driver’s side to the passenger side, as well as to the center console.

The center console now features an integrated USB port.

The seatbelts now have a new look, with the new color of the seat belt being blue.

The new 328i will also be available with a standard 16-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity.

The new 328IS, meanwhile, will also get a touchscreen and new Bluetooth connectivity, as has the 328I.