How to stop a tire agent from stealing your tires

A tire agent can steal your tires without your knowledge.

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself.


Do your research.

Check the tires you buy online.

If you see a tire labeled as a “factory-factory” or “fitness-fitness” tire, they may not be made in the United States.

Ask if the tires are made in Canada or Mexico, or if the tire is made in an authorized dealer location.

If it is not, check the manufacturer’s website for the product.


Protect your tires.

If the tire agent steals your tires, don’t blame them.

Let the agent know you’re upset, and ask them to return the tires, and return your money.

That will give you a chance to take your tires to a local tire shop, and buy a new set.


Buy from authorized dealers.

If a tire salesman tells you a tire is “not a factory-firm” or an “in-house tire” and that it is a “non-certified manufacturer,” that means the tires were never inspected, inspected again, and then certified by the tire manufacturer.

If that happens, you should take them to the dealer or other authorized retailer.

That’s where you can have them inspected.

It’s also a good idea to call the company’s toll-free number or email the company directly, and demand that the company return your tires or return money.

If they don’t return your dollars, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC is the federal agency that enforces the Fair Trade Act.


Buy at your local tire store.

If your local dealer doesn’t sell tires in the US, you’ll need to buy tires from authorized retailers in the country.

These stores usually sell the tires at lower prices than a tire shop.

If this is the case, ask the store to sell your tires from the warehouse at no extra charge.

If none of these options work, you may want to check out a dealer near you.

The manufacturer of your tires should also provide you with a copy of their certificate of origin.

You can also ask the manufacturer to make a copy available to you.

A certified tire dealer will often provide you a free shipping label with the tires.

This is the one that the tire company will provide to you in the mail, not a retailer.


Call your local state highway patrol or police department.

Some states require local law enforcement agencies to report tire theft.

Call them and ask if the state or local police can investigate.

If not, contact your state’s highway patrol office to get an email about how to report the theft.


File a complaint.

If all this didn’t help, you might want to file a police report against the tire shop you purchased the tires from.

A local police officer or a prosecutor will look into your complaint and try to help you find the person responsible for the theft, or to stop the theft from occurring in the future.

If there’s an arrest warrant or court order against the person who stole your tires and they are still out on bond, you could file a civil suit to recover money you’re owed.


Contact the tire dealer or tire shop owner.

Ask to speak to the person the tires came from.

It may be possible to speak with the person directly, but it’s more difficult to get their attention.

If possible, ask them if they will call you if you want to speak.

If so, ask if they would call you back and give you their contact information.


Report the theft to the Federal Highway Administration.

The Federal Highway Safety Administration is the lead agency for tire theft investigations and responds to reports of tire theft in the U.S. The agency has an online form to report tires stolen from vehicles.


Contact your local law-enforcement agency.

Some jurisdictions also require the police to investigate tire theft, including Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, and Ohio.

Find out where your local authorities are located by visiting their websites or contacting the local police departments.