King Tire offers a better deal on king tires, including the king-certified tires, the company says

King Tire is selling King tires for $1.50 per tire.

The King Tire website says King tires can be used in the following applications:Roadster, SUV, pickup, sport utility vehicle, crossover, truck, SUV pickup, small SUV, large SUV, van, crossover and minivan.

King says its King Certified and King Tire certified tires are the only ones available in the US.

The company says it can get a better price for King tires in the UK by paying an additional $2.50 a tire.

The tires are certified by the UK’s National Vehicle Registration Authority.

A King Tire spokesperson told CoinDesk that King is not a reseller and has no direct sales relationships with any of its competitors.

The UK’s national tire regulator, the NVA, has already warned King Tire that it may face fines if it fails to comply with the UK Tire Association’s standards.

“This is a serious matter that requires our full attention,” the NRA said in a statement.

King Tire has raised more than $200 million in funding and has received numerous endorsement deals from automakers and other manufacturers.

In May, it announced a $250 million investment in an expansion of its business.

King has also launched a website dedicated to its King tires, which allows users to purchase the tires and receive a coupon code for free shipping.

It’s unclear if the coupon code will be available in Australia.

In a statement to CoinDesk, King Tire said it was working with the NMA and NVA to address the issue.

“We take our responsibility to the tire industry very seriously and we are working with our tire industry partners and the UK NVA on this issue, which has been brought to our attention by the NFA,” the statement said.

The NVA said it had been contacted by King, and would be seeking further details.

King did not immediately respond to CoinDance’s request for comment.