Three new bikes for big tires

New big tire bikes have been launched by Big Tire UK, with the latest being a two-wheeler called the Three Tires.

It’s based on the brand’s popular Three Tractors line, but it’s also got a range of new wheels, including an all-new 265 70r15.

The Three Tails also offers an adjustable saddle, but the main difference between the two bikes is the tyre, and it comes in three sizes.

The new bike is priced at £2,990 ($3,700) for a one-off, and the Three Trains will be sold at a discounted price.

It has a 2.9-litre front, 3.0-litres rear and has a top speed of 190mph.

The bike will be offered in two colours: black and white. 

The Three Tines will be available in the UK from the end of April and at an additional £1,499 ($2,980) price tag. 

BikeRadar UK has more pictures from the new bikes. 

All photos: Big Tire UK/Three Tires