Walmart Tire Shop in South Bend: ‘We’ve got to have the money’

A Wal-Mart tire shop in South Beach, Ind., has been placed in a “high risk” category for an investigation after a video surfaced of a male employee urinating on a woman’s shoes.

The video shows the man leaving the store and returning several minutes later, urinating in the woman’s car seat and leaving.

The store manager, whose name was not immediately released, told ABC News the employee’s actions are “disrespectful, offensive and have no place in our company.”

“The employee did not have any experience with women, and it is disappointing that this is the first incident of this nature that we have seen,” he said.

“We are very focused on the safety of our employees and their families and we are committed to working with the appropriate authorities.”

According to Wal-mart’s website, employees are required to use “proper sanitary measures and wash hands frequently,” which is standard in the U.S.

A Wal- Mart spokesperson told ABC affiliate WFAA that the store has no policy of sexual harassment and has a zero-tolerance policy for “inappropriate behavior” in its stores.

The manager said the incident is under review and that the worker will be disciplined.