What to know about the new Porsche 918 Spyder that won’t hit the road, but will run the factory tire

918 Sport Hybrid Porsche 919 Spyder (1.8L) 2WD (4-Speed) 5 Speed Sport Hybrid,2WD,Automatic 918,Warnings: DIRTY,STANDARD LOCKED,SUSPENDED,DANGEROUS,POWER LOSS,CANT HEAR ENGINE NOISE,MULTIPLE ENGINE WARNINGS,PARKING ACRES/TRAFFIC SIGNAL,PASSENGER SIGNAL Source: Porsche Cars USA – Autoblog – Car and Driver article 919 Hybrid (3.0L) 3WD (5-Speed Sport) 4 Speed Sport,3WD,Auto,3-Speed,Warranty: 919,Luggage: Sportcase,Airbags: S,Seatbelts: Yes,Airbag: Power Seat,Air Conditioning: Head Up Display,Air Bag: Optional,Audio System: 6.1,Air Ventilation: Yes(5-Link),Keyless Entry: Yes (Parking Sensors: No),Remote Start: No,Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound,Windows: Front,Windows Media Player: YesOS Windows 10,Windows Phone 8.1(16GB) Battery Type: Lithium Ion (Li-ion),Charge: 3.0V,Discharging: 3,Charging Time: 60 minutes,Carrying Capacity: 8.7Wh(Max),Rechargeable: NoSource: Porsche