When Australia’s road deaths drop to zero

Posted July 10, 2018 09:14:38 The number of road deaths in Australia has dropped below zero, despite a surge in people visiting the country for work.

The ABS data released today showed the number of deaths in the country fell to 4,722 in the month of July.

Deaths in Australia were down by 3,918 over the previous 12 months.

“While the number has dropped considerably in the last few years, this is in part due to the introduction of the new National Travel and Tourism Strategy which includes measures to encourage people to travel more, particularly in remote areas,” the ABS said.

“These measures include the introduction, in 2018, of an extra $200 for people to visit designated sites and destinations on a per person basis, and $400 to support people to make travel choices for more convenient destinations.”

The agency also said travel by air had also declined in recent years, due to a reduction in the number people flying and a fall in demand for flights.

Australia’s population has grown by almost 2.5 million since 2000.

It has more than quadrupled in size since then.

The country has had the lowest rate of traffic deaths in Asia, the US and Europe since 2001.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has previously reported a peak in road deaths from January to March, with almost 20,000 deaths per day in March.

The last time Australia recorded fewer than 10 deaths a day was March 2003, with just over 5,000.