When it comes to tires, Jags and Chiefs need to be careful, too

The Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars are tied for the NFL lead in the total number of active players with at least 1,000 career starts.

They’re also tied for second in the NFL in average starting salaries per season, which is the average salary per win.

But that doesn’t mean the teams are in a race to win a championship.

While the Chiefs are leading the league in average salaries per win, the Jaguars are in second place, behind only the Denver Broncos.

Both teams have high payrolls, but the Jaguars’ payrolls average out to $25.1 million, while the Chiefs’ average is $29.9 million.

The Jaguars have been able to sign players with cheap contracts, but a $15 million signing bonus isn’t exactly ideal, especially for an NFL team.

So, how do they rank?

They both have the lowest average starting salary in the league, at $13.9-million.

They both also have a high payroll, at the Jaguars at $16.4 million, but they’re faring much better with a lower average starting compensation.

That said, the Chiefs have been in the playoff hunt each of the last three seasons, and their salary cap situation has been better.

The Chiefs have only been able do so once since 2006.

The Raiders and Broncos both had a higher payroll in 2016, and the Chiefs had the lowest of any team last year, averaging just $1.6 million per win on average.

If you’re wondering what the Raiders were paying in 2017, you can check out this article from Sports Illustrated.

The Bengals had the most salary cap space, at nearly $62.8 million, and they had the highest payroll, averaging $17.8-million per win last season.

Both the Chiefs and Jaguars have had more players leave the team than they’ve added, with the Chiefs having lost the most players with the departures of Jason Hatcher and D’Qwell Jackson, while only the Jaguars have lost a player with a trade to the Chiefs.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the second-most roster turnover last season, with only the Steelers and Patriots having more.

The Browns lost their only starter from the 2016 season, and it was a big blow to the franchise.

They were a top-10 team, but were forced to move up and select a quarterback, while they didn’t add any starters at the position.

They’ve made a couple of moves since that season, but that was a significant downgrade from their previous success.

Now that the Chiefs can finally start winning football games, the team is looking to continue to improve.

But even if the Jaguars and Chiefs are on track to finish the season as the NFL’s two best teams, there’s still a long way to go.

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